Energy Efficiency Multifamily Program for New York State


The website is designed for building owners and managers of multifamily buildings in New York State. When a building owner or manager searches online for information on a specific building upgrade such as a new boiler replacement or new insulated windows, they may be overlooking the big picture in maintaining building costs while energy prices continue to go up.

The campaign uses targeted adwords that mention specific kinds of building upgrades. When building owners and managers respond to those targeted adwords, it takes them to this website with the specific energy upgrade information served. However, the real purpose of the website is to be educational platform to help the building owners and managers understand a whole building approach to energy efficiency upgrades and then direct them to qualified partners (architectural and engineering firms). These partners help them understand the cost savings through a systemized whole building audit to uncover the best approach to energy efficiency and assist in finding state level grants to offset the costs of building upgrades.



Print Ads

Print ads were developed based on market research to determine some defining characteristic of building owners and managers.  These characteristics were divided into two personas as it relates to energy efficiency upgrades to their buildings. Each ad communicates the value of energy efficiency that resonates with the two distinct personas profiled. 

Role: Associate Creative Director
Client: New York State
Agency: Brand Cool
Copywriter: Tom Colling
Photography: Calabrese Studio
Web Production: Matt Leonard