Organ Donation Awareness Campaign



New York State has always had a barrier in getting people to actively sign up to become an organ donor registrant. Some of the low numbers can be explained by the complicated and somewhat confusing process that's in place to get people to sign up and become an organ donor registrant.  However stakeholders in the organ donation community are helping to change this and make the process easier to sign up.  The other challenge is connecting to those people who have thought about becoming an organ donor but have not actively signed up.  

This campaign's aim is to inspire, empower and create action on behalf of those who are thinking about becoming an organ donor registrant.  The creative shows people in an introspective moment where they are embracing the life they live.  The headline, "The Greatest Person Never Known" and the copy speak to the idea that people who sign up to become organ donor registrants are heroes, not in death but in life.  They live their lives to the fullest. And they will help others to the same.  The images depict an universal moment, one that can be seen either as the donor or the recipient.  







The website serves up an extended version of the TV spot.  On the header are two buttons that allow the viewer to sign up either through the New York State Department of Health or they can download an enrollment form to print out and send by mail.  Below the video is a Pinterest style cascade of social media posts from the organ donation community such as organ donation services, hospitals, donor registrants and recipients, and others who tell their stories or give updates on organ donation news in general.

Role: Associate Creative Director
Client: Ad Council of Rochester / Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network
Agency: Brand Cool
Copywriter: Kate Rosinki
Photography and Video: Myers Creative Imaging
Video Production: dPost
Web Production: Matt Leonard